El Dorado County Law Library maintains a print collection of over 9,000 volumes at its main location in Placerville. The collection is broken into two categories: California law and Federal law. Within these two categories the law library carries a selection of primary law texts (statutes, codes, and case law) and secondary sources (treatises, legal encyclopedias, and practice guides).

The law library has books from many authoritative legal publishers including: The Rutter Group (West), Matthew Bender (Lexis), CEB, James Publishing, and Nolo Press.

At both the Placerville and South Lake Tahoe branches, law library patrons may access three premium legal research databases (Westlaw, CEB Onlaw, and EBSCO (Nolo E-Books)) using the patron computers or their own electronic device via the law library's WiFi access. These three legal databases are purchased by the law library and available to law library patrons for free. EBSCO is also accessible via the internet by clicking on the link below and logging in.

EBSCO (NOLO E-Books) - You can access these books in the law library or at your home computer.

CEB Onlaw - Use at law library only

Westlaw Next - Use at law library only

At both the Placerville and South Lake Tahoe locations, law library patrons may perform electronic research online.

The Law Library's Catalog may be viewed by clicking on the LibraryThing link, below.


Clinic and Workshop Schedules:

Every other Friday (family law):  Please see the Family Law Facilitator's schedule on the Court's website for the dates he will be in the Law Library

9:00 a.m. (Must be present precisely at or before 9:00 a.m.): Petition/Response to Petition for Dissolution Workshop (to begin or first respond to a divorce action)

11:00 a.m. (Must be present precisely at or before 11:00 a.m.): Financial Disclosures (must be completed in order to obtain final judgment of divorce)